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Real Estate & Construction Financing

Triumph Group actively cooperates with the leading banks of Spain and helps its clients to choose exactly the financial organization that offers the most favorable conditions for a mortgage loan when buying real estate in Spain. Also our company will help you to collect, prepare and submit to the bank the entire package of necessary documents for obtaining a loan.

For an approximate calculation of your mortgage and payments we suggest you use our credit calculator.

Financing of small and medium business

Our company prepares documents for issuing loans for the creation and development of small and medium businesses in Spain for both residents and non-residents of the country.

Triumph Group will help to make the best choice among a set of special credit programs for entrepreneurs, provided not only by the largest banks of Spain, but also by special financial structures that specialize in lending to private entrepreneurship.

Mortgage lending in Spain


If you decide to buy a property in Spain, Triumph Group will help you, if necessary, to obtain a loan for its acquisition, and provide you with full information about the best mortgage programs this year in Spain.


A mortgage contract in Spain can be concluded by anyone who has reached the age of 18 regardless of their citizenship. The most important factors when drafting a contract with a bank are:


1. Interest rate on the mortgage;

2. The maximum period of debt repayment;

3. Types of fees charged for registration;

4. The cost of banking products that are purchased together with the registration of a mortgage (for example, registration of insurance for real estate, life insurance of the owner, opening a bank account, registration of Internet banking and much more).


Types of lending rates in Spain 

The fixed rate on the loan (annuity)


The fixed rate determines in advance the monthly payment on the loan. Mortgage loans with this rate, as a rule, are used to purchase the main property for people who do not have their own housing. If the loan involves a long term and its amount is up to 85% of the total value of the property. The main advantages of mortgage loans with fixed interest are the invariance of payment throughout the time of payments and the absence of its increase.


Differentiated loan rate

These are all variable-rate mortgages depending on the value of Euribor, the European interbank rate, over which the member banks of the European Union lend to each other. With this type of credit rate, all changes in the financial indicator affect the amount paid monthly.


Mixed loan option

The third type of mortgage payments is mixed. This is a combination of fixed and variable rates. In a mixed version, no more than 50% of borrowed funds are paid with a fixed percentage, and the rest with a variable percentage of Euribor.

Leave your application for consideration of options for mortgage lending and our staff will contact you.

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